I found my reading mojo

The World Without Us was such a spectacularly awful book that, not only did reading it cause me to contemplate killing lots of people, but it destroyed my desire to read anything - at all - for a month.

So, I did what every American girl does when she's in a rut...I went shopping. I came home with books by three people I know I find entertaining: William Shatner, Julia Child and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Don't know the Yarn Harlot? Check out her blog. An honest to goodness book review is coming soon.


  1. I'm dying to read your review because my interest has been piqued!

  2. My review of The World Without Us? It might take a while. I only made it half way though and the thought of reading the rest makes me grind my teeth. And hit my head on the table. And chew on glass.

    I plan to read at least one chapter between other books though, because I do want to rip it to shreds. It just might be a few months...